Low pressure calcium carbonate vortex action.

Used for cleaning brick/stonework and other fabrics e.g. wood beams to remove carbon pollution build-up etc.

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'DOFF' System

Pressurised steam to remove paint, oil, grease.

which is a non aggressive method that does not erode the surface underneath.

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Traditional lime mortars

Most historic, Victorian or earlier buildings will have been built with lime mortar which makes the pointing softer and more porous than the cement based mortars.

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Suffolk Brick and Stone Cleaning Company Limited is a long established firm who specialise in external building cleaning, repointing and refurbishment.

Using the experience gained through successful business since 1984, we have utilised various methods such as ‘JOS TORC’ and ‘DOFF Systems’ to remove carbon, grime, moss and lichen, paint and various other substances from surfaces such as brick, stone, wood etc.

These systems are successful in ‘bringing back to life’ the beauty of the original surfaces.

Our work also involves repointing and repair of worn or damaged brickwork

Employing the latest environmentally friendlytechniques, to ensure safety to the surrounding areas, and the least possible damage to the brickwork etc. We have completed works on both old and new buildings and undertake small (domestic properties) and larger projects such as The Old Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, which after cleaning revealed the colourful and imaginativebrick and stonework underneath.

We are Stonehealth Approved and CITB Registered.

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