Steam removes paint residue

Hot steam used at pressure easily lifts the paint residue and reveals the brick underneath

DOFF system in action

DOFF System in Action as it removes the chemical and paint residue

Used to remove many paint coatings, dirt and grime, moss, fungi, lichen, graffiti, bird or pest fouling, wax coatings, bitumen, oil and grease, organic contamination stains, chewing gum.
This process can achieve 150ᵒc of steam at the end of the nozzle but can be varied in temperature and pressure depending on the matter to be removed. When the temperature is higher the pressure can be lowered therefore creating a gentler action and the volume of water is also low meaning the surface will not be saturated and can dry very quickly.
The steam can not only remove biological matter such as moss, algae, fungi but will also kill off the spores, so chemical biocide, is not always required and regrowth will not return any sooner.Contact Us for more information