This complete cleaning system uses a mixture of low pressure air, a little water and a safe inert fine aggregate such as calcium carbonate.

The TORC head has many separate sections which results in a gentle swirling vortex and by using interchangeable nozzles, can be used on very large areas or more intricate, finer details of brick or stonework surfaces.

It gently removes paints, dirt, carbon, bitumen, lime scale, graffiti and biological matter, from any building fabric such as brick, stone, wood, concrete etc., without damaging the substrate of the surface.

It can also be used to remove oxidation and sulphates from metals such as bronze, brass and copper.

The TORC system, used by our trained operatives, with such fine aggregate, is preferred by the heritage organisations, on older or listed buildings, as will not damage the surface – unlike the old sand blastingsystems of the past. We have used this TORC system on many of our projects like historic cathedrals, churches, colleges etc as it excellent for cleaning all the ornate detailing.

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