The Softclean System has been designed for trained operatives in the restoration and renovation industry and uses a blast pot, with a specialist abrasive media ,such as calcium carbonate, to clean many surfaces from delicate woodwork on staircases or windows, oak beams and period timbers, to ornate stonework, right up to heavy steelwork, paint and concrete removal.

It is an abrasive blasting method, which operates by forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under different pressures to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.

Our trained operatives use variable pressures from as low as 0.5 bar / 8 psi right through to high pressures, plus variable grades of aggregate and use interchangeable nozzles depending on the surface and end result required. These different options mean that the Softclean system offers a huge and varied cleaning potential and is regularly used by us for cleaning brick and stonework, or for creating a key for render or for new paint surfaces to be applied.

It is also excellent for paint removal also.

This system can be used dry or wet and any dust or debris, produced by using the blast system, can be reduced by using the wet blast kit, which is attached and then suppresses any airborne dust.

Many within the conservation industry are now recognising the benefits of controlled pressure media cleaning  as a safe and effective way to restore surfaces back to their original state.

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