samples carried out before work commencing

A lot of the work we carry out is to facade maintenance to prevent problems such as damp and water ingress. The problems with some modern paint layers are that they do not allow the brick surface to breathe. Using our bespoke chemicals, paint thinners and DOFF System we can remove these layers of paint from brick and stone and take them back to their original state. The surface can then be left or be repainted in breathable paint. Poultice systems can be used for smaller areas of paint that need removing from surfaces such as wood etc. Stone, concrete pillars, plinths etc. can also have paint removed to bring them back to their original condition.

paint removal 1

House with painted facade to be removed

paint removal 2

After paint has been stripped from facade

pics of peelaway ipswich 2

Paint stripper is applied to the painted surface

pics of peelaway ipswich

Stripper is left on to breakdown the paint over several hours

pics of peelaway ipswich 10

pics of peelaway ipswich 8

The residue is then washed down using DOFF System


pics of peelaway ipswich 3

The contrast between the painted surface and the stripped area

pics of peelaway ipswich 11 pics of peelaway ipswich 7pics of peelaway ipswich 9

pics of peelaway ipswich 4

The brick surface is once again revealed

pics of peelaway ipswich 5

samples carried out before work commencing

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