Paint Softeners can be used to remove thicker or multiple layers of modern paints without causing damage to the substrate or creating salts. It is usually applied and allowed to dwell from 2-24 hours and then we use DOFF or JOS TORC Cleaning Systems to remove the paint and clean the surface.

Poultice systems can also be used to remove multiple layers of paint and ideal for loosening emulsion, shellac, epoxy resins, acrylic, glazes, tar oil, sealers, lead based and other household paints from building facades, sandstone, limestone, metal surfaces like aluminium, brass, steel etc plus concrete, masonry, fireplaces, glass and wood. Using a poultice means paint can be removed from the most intricate areas and detailed structures and also it ensures that lead particles in old lead based paints will not be released into the environment but absorbed into the paste and then safely disposed of.


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