With the knowledge we have built up through the years using our JOS TORC & DOFF cleaning systems,

We reveal the natural features of the building without risking damage to the surface itself.

By using a variety of modem cleaning systems depending on whatever the task requires.

Cleaning Systems



Low pressure calcium carbonate
vortex action, used for cleaning
brick/stonework and other fabrics
e.g. wood beams to remove carbon
pollution build-up etc.



‘DOFF’ System ­

Pressurised steam to remove paint, oil, grease – which is a non aggressive method that does not erode the surface


  • Chemical Cleaning - various kinds of chemical systems used to remove paint, grime and general soiling
  • Steam Cleaning - for general grime and build-up, moss removal and patio cleaning
  • Blast Cleaning - to remove heavier paint and carbon
  • Softkleen - low pressure, calcium carbonate, for general stone brickwork surfaces
  • Cleanfilm - brush on / spray on paste that sets to a rubberised finish and poultice to draw out the dirt (internal use)
  • Repointing - Using a gun injection system to replace old or cracked joint

All our staff are fully trained and qualified in the use of these systems and chemicals used in these processes.

Trial patches can be carried out to show examples of each system’s benefits.

Below are some examples of before and after work that we have carried out for our many satisfied clients.