In August 2014 the world will mark the hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

To remember those who served during the years 1914-18, many events will focus around parish war memorials. Every year we clean, restore and bring back to life many of these beautiful epitaphs, usually the focal point or gathering place, in a village for such events. Using our environmentally friendly processes and many years experience, to once again show off these ornate structures and honour those remembered there.  We can offer the whole service of cleaning the brick or stone using a gentle, non abrasive cleaning system, also any repairs that are required.

If, in this poignant year, you would like us to give you a price to clean and or restore, any prominent village memorial, then we would be very happy to help you with a free quotation.


Another example of a cleaned memorial we carried out at Poslingford. Algae, carbon, lichen, dirt and grime or graffiti can be removed and then treated with a biocide afterwards to impede any recurrence. Our restoration works gained a high commendation from the Ipswich Society.